5 Favourite Sevens Rugby Kits in 2015

With the Sevens season very much in full swing; we have picked 5 kits that have really made a lasting impression on us so far this campaign.

The domestic rugby season has now been over for two months, but there’s certainly no drought of rugby on show.

A whole host of 7s tournaments have been taking place up and down the UK including some of the real deal events such as Kinsale, Bournemouth and Skofic 7s.

These sorts of tournaments will continue to occur right up until August – when attention will turn back to the full format of the game.

7s tournaments have a number of different aspects which make them so enjoyable across a weekend and one of those factors is the range of kits on display for the upcoming 7s campaign.

It is always exciting to see new kits on show at tournaments with most teams unveiling a change of strip each year. Here at Red Panda, our kits are designed by Max Skofic and we launched our new jersey alongside England international Josh Beaumont before the season got underway.

With Red Panda taking part in the elite 7s tournaments so far this summer, the side have played against and seen different teams in a whole range of kits from the exquisite to the comical.

As we are now more or less at the midway stage in the 7s calendar, we thought we’d take a look at the 5 Best Sevens Kits so far this season.

5. Cheshire BaaBars

The Cheshire Baa Baas were in action at the Chester 7s last weekend and thought they had entered the social event at the competition. Instead, they were put into the elite section of the tournament and ended up taking the title in this very nice kit.

With a light blue checkered shirt, the strip stands out with that design and was very recognisable at the tournament. The dark blue stripes on the jersey also make it unique as it is certainly a twist on the generic conventions of a rugby shirt.

The Cheshire Baa Baas will be hoping for more greatness in next month after an excellent performance in this neat strip last Saturday.

4. Team Tom

Team Tom have been involved in a number of tournaments so far this summer with them entering sides into recent competitions such as tne Sandbach and Skofic Sevens.

In that time they have played some good rugby that has really stood out, but what has stood out more is their kit for this 7s season.

This isn’t because Red Panda designed it! It really is eye catching. With their light green tops and pink and purple sleeves they really do stand out from the crowd. Added to that are the purple shorts, which round off one of the brightest kits on the 7s amateur circuit this campaign. There is no chance of them fading out of tournaments!

3. The Burgundy Baa Baas

Now this is one of our favourite kits on the whole circuit this season. This shirt has purely being designed on the outfit worn by the legendary Ron Burgundy in the Anchorman films. It has been on show at some of the biggest tournaments this season including Kinsale 7s and Bournemouth 7s last month.

For those who haven’t seen the Anchorman films this is Ron’s attire. Obviously, it’s primarily Burgundy and has the yellow trim running through the middle of the jersey with the white shirt and matching tie stitched into it.  The side normally turn up to tournaments sporting briefcases to add to an already superb effort.

As Ron would say: “Don’t act like you’re not impressed.”

2. Black Rock Ladies

For our next best kit, we move from the Men’s 7s competitions and on to the Women’s side of things.

There have been some excellent kits on display in the women’s tournaments this season with a personal favourite of ours being the Cereal Killers at Kinsale 7s who had the Kellogs cockerel sewed on to their shirt.

However, I am a big fan of the traditional, but striking jersey worn by the Black Rock Ladies of Dublin at Kinsale. Predominantly pink, it is aesthetically pleasing on the eye and we really like the dark blue curves towards the bottom of the shirt and it is complemented by the white sleeves.

1. RedPanda

And finally we finish with our very own Red Panda 7s jersey which is unique in it's own way. 

This season's shirt is sharp and bespoke making sure every aspect is spot on for their team.

Max Skofic & his team hand designed this shirt and the careful precision is on show for all too see. This factor instantly draws you in. 

The fading dark red to orange is an exciting design which is seldom to see on the sevens circuit. 

The yellow Red Panda logo stands out over that dark red so you immediately know that it is a Red Panda design. 

The key thing for me is the prominent Panda outline coming in from the left hand side of the shirt as it really gives this 7s side their original identity. It really is a fusion of detailed top quality illustration from the RP team. 

So far, Red Panda are yet to lift any silverware in the 7s tournaments they have been involved with, but they have come close on a number of occasions.

One thing we know though is that their kit and Red Panda's kit designs are certainly some of the best around season.

Founded of Red Panda Max Ashcroft said:

"We design playing kit and fashion wear for clubs, universities, schools and sevens teams, using our flagship side Red Panda Rugby to test and promote our products on the elite sevens circuit."